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“Taking as a starting point Tango (in its essence) –a social dance stamped with strong features of 19th century River Plate society– this scenic proposal breaks down and resignifies this dance through many of its most characteristic elements. A creative study attentive to the synergies and co-evolutions that may arise during an investigation of the present realization of one form or tradition by contemporary bodies.    Lucia Naser / Brecha  (weekly newspaper) – June 4, 2010

Compañía Periferico /  Periferico Company

is directed by creative Federica Folco in collaboration with longstanding tango and contemporary dancers.

They work together in Montevideo, Uruguay, since 2008, researching tango language with a contemporary conception of body and movement. 

Periférico / tango project 2010


Direction: Federica Folco                                                                                        Dance: Gabriela Farías, Eduardo Ferrer, Aníbal Domínguez, Sofía Lans, Sebastián Niz, Gianni Penna                                                                               Original Music: Fernando Goicoechea                                                              Lighting Design: Gonzalo Córdova (Argertina)

“Not only does this piece avoid stereotypes but it also resists the temptation of resorting to fusion and deployment of multidisciplinary resources, focusing austerely on a vertical investigation of tango as a form of dancing and human relationships, where the social context is only merely addressed and the slogan is to plunge into the sensory aspects of this particular universe, subtly deploying sensual forces – masculine and feminine – that dominate the danced form of tango”. (…) “The challenge of Periférico is to create a truly contemporary production based on a traditional subject. But the highly remarkable value of this proposal lies in the fact that such contemporaneity does not rest on the forms but on the principles of its performance. The choreography avoids departing much from the typical tango embrace – where it always returns -; it avoids searching for a dramaturgy that does not originate in the physical and perceptive laws of concrete interchange between bodies. The piece is contemporary in that it makes use of a style to create a new discourse, an original point of view. Which one? To my view, that of tango as a primary, non verbal, ludic, sexual interpersonal communication code beyond any canyengue (lively dance).” Carolina Silveira, La Diaria,  2010.


“Folco does not attempt to graft those elements of contemporary dance in Tango, or vice versa; neither does she intend to exhibit the skill of highly trained bodies executing a modernized form of tango. Periférico explores the shades of violence and sensuality that are part of the tango character. The “in between” bodies, almost motionless in an expanded timeline and situated in close proximity, densifies the space and the sensuality that are characteristic of tango. The disruption of gender roles acts as a powerful means of conversing with the heteronormativity implicit in this music, lyrics and dance, provoking basic gender conventions and defying us, spectators, to adapt our views to new configurations. (…) Concluding, I wonder: Where is the centre of Periférico? Creating from tango as a nucleus of tradition and language, this piece is not situated, from my viewpoint, at a point outside the gender, but, rather, it is a creative study attentive to the synergies and co-evolutions that may arise during an investigation of the present realization of one form or tradition by contemporary bodies.”  Lucia Naser. Brecha, June, 2010.

VACIO / We can only look at the eyes of one person at a time

vacio 4

Direction: Federica Folco                                                                                 Dance: Gabriela Farías, Eduardo Ferrer, Aníbal Domínguez, Sofía Lans, Sebastián Niz, Fernando Goicoechea y Gianni Penna                                           Original Music: Fernando Goicoechea                                                                      Lighting Design: Gonzalo Córdova (Argentina)

VACIO use wisdom and experience form the tango dance to work the body, movement and relationships. All the performers have skills and  sensitivity for this  because they all are tango dancers. The tango is a dance of meeting and this is our principal focal point.

Emancipate, discover, generate, amplify what happend in this meeting between each other, moments where we build and exchange affects and subjectivities.

Amplify from the perception what happend to us in front of the presence of the other, removing spaces where fear and judgement could appear, leave us just the experience and the senses as anchors to the present, make these meetings grow as spaces of transformation on the perception of the other and his context

Tango Workshops / For beginners in this dance and  tango dancers


In the workshops, we address various aspects of tango, emphasizing enjoyment starting from promoting relaxed and spontaneous encounters. The duo is the essence of tango, the presence of the other confirming our existence, the contact, the senses, the body as a link between us. The connection to the other occurs after building a sensible tango embrace, that enables listening and sharing.

Proyecto “Naranjo, flor de talleres de tango”:   naranjo

The Milonga Periférica

milonga periferica


Tango has the strength of being a social dance. Born in Rio de la Plata, it expands into other societies and communities, transforming and enriching itself. We call «Milonga» to the social space where we meet to dance tango. Some of these places firmly respect the traditions and others are the result of the dialogue between the tradition and the sensitivity of the community that organizes the milonga. During the course, we embrace, transforming the space into a social fabric of affectivities. We conceive Milonga Periférica as a feast, a ritual for the embrace. We promote encounters, believing in the richness of being a multiplicity of sensibilities and subjectivities. The tradition embraces us gently, letting us come and go from it. We invite you to come and dance and surrender to the mystery that means for three minutes to hug a stranger.

For the Milonga Periferica, our Dj will be Seba Niz and  the dancers will be Gabi Farías, Edu Ferrer, Seba Niz, Sofi Lans, Aníbal Domínguez, Gianni Pena y Fede Folco.

Milonga em Rio de Janeiro, Festival panorama:

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